What is Millions?

Millions is the mindset of The Young, The Wild, and The Creative. It’s the opportunities we want and the risks we take to be ourselves. It’s wearing white after Labor Day. It’s the spray paint in the hallway. It’s waking up and saying, “Fuck your 9 to 5!” What is Millions…it is the excess of the rich and the deferred dreams of the poor. It’s us, The Young, The Wild, and The Creative.

Our founder, Merch Millions stated, “Inspiration, design, and follow-through is the daily routine for us at Millions Clothing.” We have utilized those three pillars as our foundation while we evaluate our surroundings, brainstorm new designs, and rebrand Millions Clothing.

Every industry is dynamic…including the fashion industry, but many companies still play follow the leader. Let’s be realistic here, clothing is a basic need. The question is: Do You want to walk around looking like everyone else? There is a huge population of people who go against the grain…those that dare to be different. Supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics. When there is a demand someone must supply the people with what they want. This is the demand that we are very optimistic about supplying.

Join us as we reintroduce ourselves! And, grow with us as we blur lines in what we create and who we are. It’s more than a t-shit, bigger than a design, and we will consistently continue to fuck shit up.