“Inspiration, design, and follow-through is a daily routine for us at Millions Clothing (www.millionswear.com)” stated Merch Millions, CEO of Millions Clothing. Time is of the essence for the staff at Millions Clothing. The Miami based urban clothing company prepares for it’s first spring collection. Pulling their inspiration from historic and current events related to African-American culture, the designers intend to offer fresh twist to the saturated urban clothing industry.

In today’s fashion world most companies play follow the leader, which leads to everyone walking around looking the same. Leaving a huge demand from people that dare to be different. It’s a demand that Merch is so optimistic about filling. “Who really wants to walk around looking the same? If that was the case I would have started a uniform company”, stated Merch. Having the understanding that a single design team cannot fill that void alone the staff at Millions Clothing gives all artist the opportunity to submit their designs for evaluation with the chance becoming an official Millions design.

Designers that are interested in the chance of having their designs worn by millions of people in the urban clothing community should visit www.millionswear.com/contest/ or email info@millionswear.com for more information.

So, as the clocks ticks away for Millions’ designers, and urban fashion fanatics being to stand on their toes this spring could be the making of history for the Miami based clothing company. Will continue to play follow the leader with current urban clothing companies, or do you dare to be different?